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Introducing the revolutionary new Stellar Motor Type, The R8 Series.

After more than twenty years of continuous improvements, the historical stellar motor series IAM, IAC, and IAMD have evolved into the new R8 series.

Available in three variants, the R8M (single displacement), the R8C (dual displacement) and the R8D (single displacement, heavy duty), the series replaces the old style granting supply chain continuity and full interchangeability.

Beginning in January of 2019, the new and improved R8 series will begin to replace the old ones and all model codes will be gradually updated.

Only the name of the series will change, while the ordering code structure itself (including the displacement, shaft type, distributor and other option codes will remain the same.

The new and improved R8 series embodies all of the advanced technical developments and continuous evolution of the last few years, thus offering a more advanced product which is able to perform with greater efficiencies.

Furthermore, with the new R8 series, Fluid Gear Products in partnership with Italgroup, is able to offer an expanded range of displacement of its stellar motor type now reaching 13,000cc/rev. thanks to the new size, the H9, which is available in displacements from 7,000cc to 13,000cc.

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